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KitchenAid Mixer Attachments!”

KitchenAid Mixer AttachmentsDo you have a KitchenAid stand mixer?  Do you want to get the most out of your investment?  Well, my best piece of advice is to add a few of these amazing KitchenAid mixer attachments to your kitchen collection.

I admit it… I am completely in love with my stand mixer!   So imagine my sheer delight when I realized that there was a whole big world of KitchenAid mixer accessories out there for me to try.  I realized I can make everything from fresh homemade pasta using the KitchenAid Pasta Attachment to deliciously creamy ice cream and fruity sorbets with the KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment.

On a side note:  I just about had a nervous breakdown one day when my mixer didn’t function properly, but a quick call to Partselect fixed that. Now my mixer is back in the game and getting constant use.

I needed to find out all I could about these attachments so I could share it all with you… so go ahead… read my reviews by clicking on either link below:

Attention Canadians! Watch for this icon throughout my reviews to find the best deals on these KitchenAid accessories in Canada!

KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment

KitchenAid Pasta Attachment

KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment

If there is one thing that I love to eat it is ice cream.  I absolutely LOVE the stuff! I have loved it since I was a young child.   In fact, some of my fondest childhood memories include ice cream.  I remember visiting my grandparent’s house and being allowed to dive into their freezer stocked full of ice cream to choose my favorite flavor.  My Grandpa’s favorite saying after every meal was “You’re never too full for ice cream!” Oh… those were the days.

So when I saw that there was a KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment, I was totally in love.  What could be better than making deliciously creamy and unique ice cream flavors right in my own kitchen?  I had to know more about it so I read reviews, forums and websites to learn everything I could.

Here’s what I found out:

What’s In the KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment Box?

kitchenaid ice cream maker attachmentWhen you order this attachment for your stand mixer, it comes with 5 main components:

The Freezer Bowl – This 2-quart double walled bowl is the largest capacity bowl for making ice cream available.  Between the two layers of rigid plastic is a liquid that freezes to keep the bowl in optimum condition for making ice cream.  Bowl is hand wash only.

kitchenaid ice cream maker attachmentThe Dasher – This is the paddle attachment that is used to mix and scrape the batter and turn it into yummy ice cream.  It is square and fits perfectly inside the freezer bowl.  Dishwasher safe.

The Drive Assembly – This small plastic piece is attached to the drive motor of the mixer and is used to power the dasher. It is easy to connect to both the mixer and the dasher. Dishwasher safe.

Use & Care Guide – The guide is useful for learning more about how to properly clean and care for your ice cream maker. It also includes some easy starter recipes like Triple Chocolate Ice Cream, French Vanilla and Caramel Pecan – YUM!!

The Adapter Ring – This is used on the bottom of the bowl to accommodate tilt-head mixers.  Dishwasher safe.

Okay…. How Much Is It?

If you’re anything like me, then you like to know how much something costs before continuing to read how great it is, right?  Well, I can tell you that this item is a terrific price considering how much money you can save yourself on buying ice cream from the store.

I have seen this item priced as high as $80 on other retail shopping sites, but at the time of this review, definitely has the best deal.   You shouldn’t expect to pay more than $70 for this attachment.

Amazon also offers free shipping on this item so that could potentially save you a bunch of money as well.  Check out Amazon’s current price or read more about the product.

Shopping from Canada? I wouldn’t dream of leaving you out in the “cold”! You can find the best deal on the KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment right here! Or go ahead and read more reviews from happy Canadian customers.

Benefits of the KitchenAid Ice Cream Attachment

  • In less than the time it would take you to drive to the store and buy a quart of ice cream, you could be making your very own indulgences.  To mix up the batter to a soft-serve consistency, it will only take 20-25 minutes!
  • kitchenaid ice cream maker attachmentThe process is super easy.  Simply use your favorite recipe to mix up the flavors you like and add it to the freezer bowl.  Then let the mixer motor, dasher and freezer bowl do their thing.  This process is so much less complicated and messy than other types of ice cream makers.
  • You have already invested in a top-of-the-line stand mixer you may as well use it and all of the nifty attachments that go along with it.
  • You can save a bunch of money on buying store-bought ice cream.
  • You get to play around with different flavor combinations and be the next “Ben” or “Jerry” right in your own kitchen!  Some reviewers have made ice cream flavors like Green Tea and Scones as well as more kid-oriented favorites like Peanut Butter and Candy Corn!!-

Consumer Reviews

If you don’t believe me that this is an amazing product, see what these happy product owners are saying:

I’ve been very impressed at how easy and inexpensive it is to make excellent gourmet ice cream and sorbet using this ice cream freezer. The dasher turns fast enough to make small ice crystals so the ice cream is smooth and creamy.”

“Mmmmm good! It feels good to make things from scratch, especially ice cream! Enjoy. I highly recommend the KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment.”

“It is really very easy to use, and my 1st batch came out great, and I even goofed up the recipe! My second batch I made just plain vanilla and my husband agrees it is the best ice cream ever.”

“First, the ice cream was EXCELLENT: truly “silky”, much like the texture of gelato that you buy in Italy. No ice crystals and FAR superior to any purchased premium ice creams and custards we’ve ever tried.”

“I bought this attachment when I bought my mixer and I’ve loved it since then. I love that it’s an attachment too. One less machine I have to try and store in my kitchen.”

There are hundreds more reviews like these on Amazon.  You can read more here.

Tips for Making the Perfect Ice Cream

  • Making ice cream at home is a two-part process.  The first part is the “Conversion” stage.   This is the stage where you use the dasher to turn the liquid mixture into soft ice cream.  The next part is the “Ripening” stage and this is when you put your soft ice cream into the freezer for anywhere from 2-4 hours to make it a harder consistency similar to the ice cream you buy in the carton.
  • The manufacturer’s instructions say to freeze the freezer bowl for at least 15 hours before each use.  Many consumers however, simply store the bowl in the freezer so it is ready to go whenever you get a craving for homemade ice cream.
  • Make sure you thoroughly chill the liquid mixture before adding it to the freezer bowl.  Adding warm liquid will not only result in less than tasty ice cream but it can also damage your freezer bowl.
  • Because you want all of your parts to remain as cold as possible, you must work quickly when making ice cream.  Assemble the  drive assembly before removing your freezer bowl and chilled batter from the fridge and freezer.  Then quickly attach the dasher, raise the bowl and fill.  Remember to have your mixer set to “stir” and make sure it is running as you add your ice cream mixture.
  • Like anything you mix with your mixer, if you fill the bowl too full, you will have a mess on your hands.  While this product has a 2-quart bowl, it is best not to fill it more than half way with your batter – no more than 3 cups – to prevent it from overflowing out onto your counter.
  • If you are using add-ins like nuts or cookies, leave them until either the last two minutes of mixing or mix them in by hand once you remove the dasher.
  • Scrape off the dasher and the inside of the bowl with a flexible silicone spatula.  You don’t want to leave any yummy ice cream behind.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

Well no product is perfect but the KitchenAid ice cream maker is pretty close.   At, this product has earned itself a 4.5 star rating out of 5 with over 500 customer reviews! All in all, people who have bought this attachment are thrilled with how it works.

There are a few things to be aware of however.  The number one issue that people were having was the compatibility with various models of stand mixers.  The manufacturer’s website states that this attachment will work with any KitchenAid stand mixer that was built after 1990.  Some reviewers claim that their mixers are well over 20 years old and still work fine with this item.   If you have an older model stand mixer, I would recommend calling the KitchenAid customer service to verify that the ice cream attachment will work.

You should also be aware that this ice cream mixer attachment may not be compatible with models of KitchenAid mixers sold outside of Canada or the U.S.  However, some reviewers from overseas claim that it is still cheaper to buy the ice cream maker from and purchase the adapter separately from their home country.

Last Thoughts On The KitchenAid Ice Cream Attachment…

The KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment is a great investment and is one that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.  Be sure to check out the product page at Amazon for more information or to read lots of positive customer reviews.

Now if you don’t mind…. I need to go eat some ice cream!!

Part 2

KitchenAid Pasta Attachment

KitchenAid pasta attachmentI love homemade pasta and have been making my own for some time now using a manual counter top machine.  But using these KitchenAid pasta attachments would make life so much easier!

Fresh pasta beats the boxed variety hands down and making your own is so incredibly fun and rewarding.

Needless to say, I had to find out more about these pasta maker attachments.

So here’s what I found out about the KitchenAid Pasta Maker Attachment Set :

What’s In The KitchenAid Pasta Attachment Box?

KitchenAid pasta attachment

The KitchenAid pasta set comes with three chrome plated, heavy-duty attachments that are made in Italy and fit all models of KitchenAid stand mixers.  The set includes a pasta roller, a spaghetti/linguini cutter and a fettuccine cutter.

Included in the box is also a cleaning tool that you can use to get the dried pieces of pasta out from the inside of the attachments.

A user guide with wash and care instructions and a recipe booklet with several different pasta recipes come with the set as well.

Some of the reviews I read said these recipes were good and others said they weren’t.  My advice would be to try them out if you are new to making pasta but stick with your favorite recipe if you already make your own.

How Much Is It & Where Can I Get One?

After comparing several online retailers, I found that’s current price is definitely the best deal.   I especially like that offers free shipping on this set as well.   This could potentially save a bunch of money because these three heavy attachments would likely be expensive to ship from another retailer.

While I have seen this unit priced as high as 179.99 (yikes!!) on some online shopping sites, it seems Amazon keeps their price quite a bit lower than that.  You shouldn’t expect to pay more than $140 when Amazon has this item in stock.

Shopping from Canada? No worries eh?! (I’m Canadian myself, so I’m allowed to say that!) You can find the best deal on the KitchenAid Pasta Attachments right here! Or visit this page to read more reviews from happy Canadian customers.

Making Pasta With KitchenAid Attachments

The pasta roller is the first attachment you need to roll out your homemade dough (which is extremely easy to make by the way).  You simply shape pieces of dough into small rectangles and feed it through the roller until it is the thickness you want. You can keep the dough fairly thick if you are making lasagna noodles or go super thin for “angel hair” pastas like cappelini – one of my all-time faves!

There are nine settings all together to help you make the perfect pasta.

Here’s what each setting does for your dough:

  • KitchenAid pasta maker attachmentSettings 1 & 2 are mainly used for the initial stage of kneading and thinning the dough.
  • Feed the dough through settings 3 & 4 for slightly thicker noodles like lasagna or egg noodles – perfect for a delicious stroganoff!
  • Settings 5 & 6 make the dough even thinner for various noodles like spaghetti, fettuccine, ravioli, tortellini and linguine.
  • And finally, settings 7 & 8 are for creating very thin “angle hair” pastas like capelini.

Judging from the hundreds of reviews I read, it can be difficult to get the pasta size just right the first time you try it.  But not to worry – it just takes a bit of practice.

And remember… the taste and tenderness of pasta is definitely a matter of personal preference so don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit with your pasta dough and your attachments.

KitchenAid pasta attachment setOnce you have your dough rolled, you can use either the linguine or fettuccine attachment to cut your dough into strips.

You feed the flattened dough through the cutter attachment with one hand and catch the strips with the other hand as they come out the bottom.  Once you have cut all of your dough it is time to let the noodles dry.

Most consumers agreed that a drying rack is a necessity when making homemade pasta. Otherwise you will have strips and strips of dough lying around your kitchen drying out.

I agree with this 100%.  The first batch of pasta I made without a drying rack was a real headache.  I had strips and strips of pasta lying all over my house!  A drying rack is an inexpensive way to save yourself some trouble – and they look really cool!

Once the pasta has dried out you can cook it right away or let it dry out overnight.  Some people claim that the longer the pasta has to dry the better it tastes.  I almost always use my pasta after a short drying period or freeze it for later use.  If you do freeze your pasta, my best piece of advice is to dust it with a bit of flour and then curl the strips into nests inside a freezer safe container.

Benefits of Making Pasta with KitchenAid Mixer Attachments

Here are a few benefits to using this type of appliance to make your pasta:

You have already invested a lot of money on your stand mixer – why not take advantage of all of the attachments that are designed to make your life a little easier?

With the counter top pasta makers like mine, you have to manually crank the dough through the roller.  This is tedious, time consuming and not to mention difficult.  It takes a lot of co-ordination to feed, crank and catch the dough all by yourself.  The pasta attachment for mixers allows for a hands-free operation.

The counter top machines also need to be clamped to the counter top and tightened securely.  If they aren’t, your pasta maker will be moving all over the place while you are trying to roll your pasta.  This is eliminated with a stand mixer attachment.

Because the pasta roller is powered by the mixer motor and not by hand, you can make much thinner pasta. By the time I manually crank mine through the machine a few dozen times, my hands and arms are tired and I stop.   But the mixer is a powerful work horse that will keep rolling and rolling until you have beautifully delicate sheets of pasta.

Although you may still buy dried pasta from time to time you will quickly see that nothing compares to homemade.  The taste, texture and satisfaction are well worth all the time and effort it takes to make your own.

Consumer Reviews

This product is extremely popular on  It has earned a 4.5 star rating out of 5 with over 250 reviews.

Here’s a small sample of what people are saying about these KitchenAid mixer attachments:

“Got it two weeks ago and used it 3 times already. Very good, very easy assembly, very easy to clean. Highly recommended!”

“It is the best money I ever spent, it works really well and all of the parts are very well made. Fresh pasta is so much better than the stuff in a box.”

“The difference that having the rollers for the KitchenAid is that it gives you a free hand. It really works well when you have one hand for feeding into the rollers/cutters and another for catching what comes out the other side.”

“I used to use a hand crank pasta machine, this has made things exceedingly easy. Good solid build along with the power of your KitchenAid mixer, makes it really easy to make fresh pasta. I use it on a weekly basis.”

“The attachments were easy to figure out and worked perfectly out of the box. I have absolutely no complaints and I am glad I finally invested in this equipment. I expect them to last many years.”

You can visit to read more reviews like these by clicking here.

What about a Warranty?

KitchenAid has an incredible no-hassle return policy if anything goes wrong with the attachments during the first year.


Overall, consumers are thrilled with this attachment set but there is one complaint worth noting – cleaning it.  Unfortunately, these parts are not dishwasher safe and can not be washed with water at all.

The process for cleaning the pasta attachments is to let the unit sit for at least one hour after use to let any bits of pasta inside the machine dry out.  Then simply tap the unit gently to dislodge any particles or use the cleaning brush that is included with the set to gently remove them.  You can wipe the attachments with a clean dry cloth as well to remove any other residue.

If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully for using and cleaning the pasta attachments, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Last Thoughts About The KitchenAid Pasta Attachment

So there you have it.  I hope this review has given you enough information to make an informed buying decision but if you still need to read more, visit the product page at for more information or to browse through a few more customer testimonials.

Bon appetit!