Cuisinart Food Processor

“Everyone Needs a

Cuisinart Food Processor!”

That’s exactly the comment I made to my sister when she asked for my opinion on which was the best food processor for her new home.  I  added that if she really wanted the best food processor for the money, then a Cuisinart 7 cup food processor was the obvious choice.

You see, my sister is one of the most talented women I know (like crazy talented!) but when it comes to cooking and food preparation, she needs all the help she can get!

Attention Canadian Shoppers!! Watch for this icon throughout my review for the best food processor prices in Canada!


Finding The Best Food Processor


For her, a medium sized Cuisinart food processor like the Pro Classic DLC-10S would be like having an extra set of hands in the kitchen – like a tiny sous chef.  And honestly who couldn’t use one of those from time to time?

But as we continued to chat and compare food processors, I could see that she was very intimidated by all of the lingo that went along with buying one. 

“What’s the difference between a slicing blade and a shredding disc?”  “What do I use a dough blade for?”  “What on earth is a feed tube?” “Why do you say Cuisinart is the best brand?”

So I agreed to sit down with her over coffee and a computer to find the best food processor for her new home. We researched models and brand names, read Cuisinart food processor reviews, blog posts and forums, looked over manufacturer’s websites and compared prices.  It was enlightening to say the least.

But when all was said and done, my original comment about buying a Cuisinart food processor held true.  It seems they are still the most trusted name in the world of “food whirling” and have some of the most well priced and durable machines on the market.

For her, we found that the Cuisinart DLC-10S Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor was the perfect choice.  Click here to see why!


Here’s why we picked the Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor:


  • Medium size
  • Dual feed tubes
  • Nice variety of blades are included
  • Accessories
  • Simple design and easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe (blades, bowl and covers only)
  • Price

Size Is Important!

For people who are blessed with a beautifully large kitchen with tons of counter space, the choices are endless for appliances.  Unfortunately, neither my sister nor I are blessed with this type of kitchen.  She needed a compact food processor that wouldn’t take up too much counter space or be difficult to store.

Although this particular Cuisinart food processor is listed as a 7 cup size, we actually found that to be a tiny bit misleading.  It doesn’t mean that the bowl will hold 7 cups of ingredients. The reality is that it will really only hold about 4 cups of food but for her that is more than adequate.

Feed Me

When my sister and I first started talking about food processors and their functions, she giggled when I said it was important to look at the size of the feed tube.  She had no idea what I was talking about.  But through our search for the perfect model, she learned quite quickly just how important this feature can be.

The feed tube is the plastic stem on the top of the food processor that holds the food waiting to be sliced, chopped or shredded.  With the Cuisinart DLC-10S, there are two size options.  You can use the bigger tube which is a whopping 4.5” by 3” around to feed larger fruits and vegetables into the machine without having to chop them up first.  This is a really great feature for my sister because she is deathly afraid of knives and would prefer not to chop anything.  I love that you can feed a whole potato into it all at once!

The smaller tube comes in handy for adding single ingredients like a stalk of celery.  The smaller tube also allows for more consistent and even chopping for times when you want your veggies to look really pretty!  Also great for adding a little drizzle of olive oil to your homemade salad dressings.

We both loved the versatility of the dual feed tubes.

Blades of Glory

No review of a food processor would be complete without a very detailed look at the blades.  They are the main reason for buying one of these machines after all.  So here’s a breakdown of the blades included with this machine and why we love ‘em:

Dough Blade

This plastic blade is a must-have for any baker.  Although my sister doesn’t do a ton of baking right now, I know she will once she has kids.  This blade is perfect for cookie dough, bread dough, soft pretzels and more.  This little blade is so efficient that it can knead up to two pounds of dough in under two minutes.  If you have ever kneaded bread dough by hand then I’m sure you can appreciate how awesome that is!

Steel Sharp Blade

This is the one that I’m sure my sister will use the most often because of her knife phobia.  This baby does it all!  It will slice, dice, puree, and crush whatever you put in the bowl. It is perfect for making soups or crushing ice too.  Margaritas on the pool deck next summer!


Stainless Steel Slicing Disc

This blade is slightly different than the first two because it doesn’t sit at the bottom of the mixing bowl when it is in place.  It sits near the top of the bowl and neatly slices the ingredients as they descend down the feed tube.  The slicing disc is perfect for thinly sliced potatoes, zucchini or carrots as well as apples and other fruits for pies or tarts.


Stainless Steel Shredding Disc

This is another blade that my sis will wonder how she ever lived without it.  Although this blade is great for shredding cabbage for coleslaw or lettuce for tacos, I think she will use it most to shred cheese.  She’ll save a bunch of money too because she won’t need to buy the bags of pre-shredded cheese at the supermarket.  Ka-ching!

Accessories & Simplicity

The Cuisinart Food Processor has some of the best accessories available.  There are accessory blades for finer grating and chopping as well as a blade that will julienne (cut like matchsticks) your veggies just like the pros.  My sister will make it to this level of food prep someday I’m sure.

We also love the simplicity of DLC-10S in both the ease of use and the look of the appliance.

It is only available in white which is perfect for Heather’s kitchen but it also made it look somewhat plain next to other models.  We both agreed however that even though some of the other processors look much more sophisticated and elegant, they may also be too trendy.  Our concern was that once the trend faded, it may be difficult to find replacement parts or accessories in the future.  We thought it was better to go with one that has been around for awhile and has proven itself.

According to reviewers, the Cuisinart DLC-10S Food Processor is very easy to use as well.  It has a simple pulse/continuous power button and the bowl and blades lock into place easily.

How Much Is It and Where Can I Buy One?


This was one of the most important features my sister and I looked at when we were comparison shopping.  She is a newlywed on a tight budget so we wanted to get her the biggest bang for her buck.

We found that has the best deal on this food processor especially considering the fact that it is eligible for free shipping as well.  If you shop elsewhere, you should not expect to pay more than $120 for this food processor.

If you want to find out more about this Cuisinart Food processor, you can check out the product page at   There is lots of great information over there and you can read a few more reviews too before you make your decision.

Canadian Shoppers! To see which food processor models are the most popular in Canada or read reviews from happy customers, please click here.  Pssst…  Did you know offers free shipping in Canada?

A Recap of What’s In The Cuisinart Food Processor Box:

  • A 15 pound lightweight and compact food processor with a 600-watt motor.   That is as powerful as the heavy-duty machines used in restaurants!  You can even grind meat with it.
  • A rigid plastic bowl that heat/cold resistant and is durable and rugged so even if you drop it, it won’t shatter.
  • Dual feed tubes for extra versatility when adding ingredients.
  • A sharp blade, plastic dough, a steel shredding disc and a steel slicing disc.
  • If you do not need to use the feed tube to add ingredients and prefer to put them directly into the bowl, there is a flat cover to put over the top.  This saves you having to wash the feed tube attachment if you are not using it.
  • A 30 minute video on how to use and care for the machine.
  • A booklet with over 50 pages of food processor friendly recipes to try.
  • A specially contoured spatula for scraping out the bowl.

What About a Warranty?

This is a great question and a long warranty was one thing my sister was adamant about.

The Cuisinart DLC-10S comes with a full 5 year warranty on the motor of the unit and a full 3 year warranty on the model itself.  Compared to some of the other models we looked at, this was one of the most comprehensive warranties available.

People LOVE Their Cuisinart Food Processors!

When we were reading over consumer reviews it was amazing how many people said they have owned a Cuisinart appliance for over 20 years! Now that is durable.  It is definitely a brand name that is synonymous with quality and reliability.

So what are people saying about the Cuisinart DLC-10S Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor in particular.  Well here are a few quotes from happy customers on

I really, really, really like this food processor.”

“So far it is worth the money we paid for it!! I would recommend it to anybody.”

“We gave this food processor as a birthday gift to our assistant. She is in love with it and has used it every day.”

“Nice design improvements and cutting veggies for salads is a snap.”

This food processor has earned itself a 4.5 star rating at with close to 250 online reviews. You can read more here.

Okay … What’s The Bad News?

Although most of the reviews of this 7 cup food processor are positive ones, there are a few negative points worth noting.

The first thing is the size of the bowl.  If you are preparing dinners for a large family or do a lot of entertaining that requires large batches of food, you may want to consider upgrading to the 12-cup model.  A few reviewers wished they had gone for the bigger processor.

Also, although all of the parts for this model are dishwasher safe, some reviewers found it necessary to wash the feed tubes by hand.  The dishwasher simply didn’t do a good enough job at getting food residue out of the little crevices inside the tubes.