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Old Fashioned Kitchen Appliances

Some call them old fashioned kitchen appliances.  Some call them antique or vintage.  Whatever you choose to call them, retro kitchen appliances are definitely making a huge comeback in today’s modern kitchens. Whether it is the appeal of a simpler time when things in the kitchen weren’t so sleek and streamlined or simply a matter of design preference, going retro in the kitchen is really catching on.

Now before we go any further, let’s get one thing straight right off the bat.  There is a difference between choosing actual antique or collectible items for your kitchen and buying new modern appliances that have been designed to look old fashioned.

Buying Real Old Fashioned Kitchen Appliances

If you are looking to buy antique cooking tools, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind.

Buying authentic antique appliances is going to be very expensive because these items are true collectibles.   And, while these appliances may look great and bring a real old-time quality to your kitchen, be careful when purchasing them as many may not be compatible with today’s modern technologies.

old fashioned kitchen appliancesPerhaps the best way to bring a truly vintage feel to your kitchen without the large expense or risk of a faulty electrical device is to stick with kitchen gadgets rather than appliances.   Some of the best inventions of the late 19th century are still perfect for working in today’s kitchens.  Items like peelers, graters, whisks, can openers and colanders can add old fashioned beauty without sacrificing functionality.

The best place to shop for these types of items is at curiosity shops, antique markets or at estate and garage sales.  But do your homework before you go.   You want to be sure you know what the appropriate price is for an antique appliance or gadget.

Buying (New) Old Fashioned Kitchen Appliances

Buying new modern appliances that have been redesigned to look retro is quickly becoming one of the most popular designs choices for home owners.

One of the reasons that this type of kitchen décor is so popular is because in days gone by, items for the kitchen were much more colorful.  Everything from cabinets to toasters came in a wonderful array of colors including soft pastel pink, blue and sea foam green as well as brighter options like red and royal blue.

These color schemes are quite a welcomed change from the standard chrome, stainless and white that is common to most kitchens today.

Buying new appliances that only look old also saves you the headache of working with large and cumbersome appliances in the kitchen.  With kitchen workspace is at a premium, you certainly don’t need an oversized appliance taking up your much needed counter or storage space.  Modern appliances with a retro feel can be big on impact without being big on space.

How to Update Your Kitchen with Vintage Appliances

There are two ways to use retro kitchen items for maximum effect in your kitchen.  The first thing you can do is go all out with a theme.  This means planning your colors, patterns, fabrics and accessories to make your kitchen look as authentic and old-fashioned as possible.

The best way to do this is start with your major appliances.  If you are considering purchasing an antique-looking refrigerator or stove like these beauties from Big Chill, then you want to make it the starting point for your kitchen re-design as it will obviously be your biggest investment.  Choose a color palette for the walls, towels, dishes and gadgets that is a nice compliment to the color of your largest appliance and then add other accessories as you go.

retro kitchen appliancesIf you are looking for a way to incorporate retro appliances into your kitchen without doing a major overhaul, then my favorite tip is to choose only a few items to include.  Place a vintage inspired candy-apple red mixer with a few KitchenAid accessories on your countertop and watch how quickly your kitchen starts to feel retro!

Where to Buy Retro Kitchen Appliances

Again, this depends whether you are going for real antiques or just antique-looking appliances.  If it is the modern variation that you desire, one of the best places to check is major online retailers like  Because of the huge popularity of these old style kitchen tools, retailers are starting to carry more and more of a selection.

If you prefer to shop offline, small specialty kitchen stores normally have a good variety as well.

Why People Love Old Fashioned Appliances

I think the popularity of old fashioned appliances lies in their simple beauty.  Not only the beauty of the appliances themselves but of a time gone by when things were simpler, less rushed and home cooking was slow, easy and delicious.  How about you?

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