A Smart Halloween Cupcake Idea from Fred and Friends

Don’t you just love Halloween?  The scary movies, the costumes, the candy…. and cupcakes that look like brains?  Only on the creepiest, spookiest day of the year would this Halloween cupcake idea seem so cute!

I found these Fred & Friends NOMSkulls cupcake molds as I was searching around for some creepy food ideas for a little Halloween party we’re throwing for the kids this weekend.  As soon as I saw these I knew my boys would LOVE them.   What boy wouldn’t really?  Cupcakes that look like brains topped with lots of thick icing sitting in molds that look like skulls?  I can just hear the boys comments now – “Oh that’s cool.”“Yeah that’s sick” (and when they say sick they usually mean cool but in this case they might actually mean sick!)

I think these would make a perfect dessert for a kids Halloween party or even a fun classroom treat – they are brains after all – and what warty witch wouldn’t love a set of these as a Halloween party hostess gift?  Now that’s using your brain.

All you need to make these cranium cupcakes is a store bought cake mix, a can of icing (or homemade of course), some food coloring and a zippered sandwich bag with a wide hole cut out of one corner.  Simply bake the cupcakes in the mold and pile on a mound of pink or grey icing with a line down the center.  Then use the zippered bad filled with icing to make the squiggled “brain matter”.

So fun and easy it barely requires any “brain” power on my part.  I like that.

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